Above, with 
some of the members of the creative teams: Bob Croghan, Jennifer Ackland, Jessica Holcombe, Tim Kottyan, Fred Story, Dareion Malone, Eric Winkenwerder, Audrey M. Brown, Jay Thomas  /  Set models and renderings (and below them the finished sets on stage) for King Lear (James Pyne, Jr.), Romeo and Juliet (Mark Pirolo), The Christians (Joe Gardner), Over the Tavern (Frank Ludwig) / Lighting designers for productions above: Dennis Parichy, Eric Winkenwerder, Todd Wren

Photography: Donna Bise, Norris Greenlee, Mark Garvin, Nyghtfalcon, Bobby Moody, Charles Brastow, Pelham Palmer, Bill Giduz

Production teams 2003-present include:

 Mark Pirolo has designed scenery and costumes for many theatres including York Theatre Company, Riverside Theatre, Florida Stage, North Shore Music Theatre, Colorado Shakespeare Festival and NC Shakespeare Festival. He was the founding dean of the School of Design & Production at University of NC School of the Arts.

Dennis Parichy has designed lighting for 25 Broadway productions, and he has received three Tony Award nominations, for Fifth of July, Redwood Curtain, and Talley's Folly (for which he also received a Drama Desk Award). He was resident designer for Circle Rep and is an Associate Artist at People's Light in Philadelphia.

Fred Story, composer and sound designer for film, television and theatre, is a member of ASCAP and the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences. He is the recipient of fourteen regional Emmy Awards, three Telly Awards, and over two dozen Addy Awards. He is Founder and President of Concentrix Music & Sound Design as well as Storyline Music.

Majestic Scenic LLC (Jessica Holcombe and Tim Kottyan) provides quality scenic services for theatre, film, permanent installations and other unique projects. Clients include Tectonic Theatre Project, New York City Opera, Triad Stage, Charlotte Ballet, Playworks, Piedmont Opera, Peppercorn Children's Theatre, and others.

Stage and film documentaries 2017-present
Playworks Group (with Aldersgate and First United Methodist Church)

Director: Steve Umberger
Acting Our Age Co-creators: Lyndall Hare, Steve Umberger
Projections: Jay Thomas
Stage lighting: Eric Winkenwerder, Barbara Berry
Music/Sound: Fred Story
Production Stage Managers Mitzi Corrigan, Lexi Miller, Gigi Wasiak
Call Me By My Name Creative partners: Mark Sutton, Rebecca Koon
Film Call Me By My Name directed by Steve Umberger, director of photography: Jay Thomas

THE CHRISTIANS by Lucas Hnath, 2017
Playworks Group at Blumenthal Performing Arts / Produced in association with The Pine Hill Project

Scenic: Joe Gardner
Costume: Barbi VanSchaick
Lighting: Eric Winkenwerder
Music Director: Dareion Malone
Production Stage Manager: Audrey M. Brown
Technical Direction: Tim Kottyan, Jessica Holcombe (Majestic Scenic LLC)
Cast: Brian Robinson, Jonavan Adams, Chandler McIntyre, April C. Turner, Graham Smith
Soloists: Isaiah Bell, Shar Marlin, Carmen Coulter, Venegas Woodard
Choir: Lydia Diaz, Mamantha Margaret, Carol Sims, Clayton Stephenson, Erin Williams, Jamila Green, Daryl Brown, Janae Moore, Justin Willingham, Latricia Lockhart, Linda Green, Melody McClellan, Nicole Roberson, Robin Gill, Suzanne Newsom, Tari Sturdivant, Torron Williams, Sheila Killian, Sharon Alexander, Kristian Johnson

A MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S DREAM by William Shakespeare, 2009, 2005, 2033, 2003
Fourth production, 2009, NC Shakespeare Festival / Developed with support from Playworks Group

Scenic: Jennifer O'Kelly
Costume: Bob Croghan
Lighting: Eric Winkenwerder
Composer/Sound Design: Fred Story
Voice/Text: Mary Irwin
Production Stage Manager: Matthew Lutz
Cast: Karl Baumann, Hugh O'Gorman, Kim Ostrenko, Kate MacCluggage, Vince Nappo, Corey Allen, Brynn Tucker, David Foubert, Duke Ernsberger, Rob Taylor, Mark Allen Woodard, Jefferson A. Russell, Lee Willard, Franny Civitano, Katy Sink, Marcus Zollicofer, Emma Reaves, Logan Ford, Meghan Hoffman, Beth Caress

HATCHETMAN by David Wiltse, 2012, 2011
People's Light / Philadelphia, and Festival Stage

Scenic: James Pyne Jr.
Costume: Marla Jurglanis
Lighting: Dennis Parichy, Eric Winkenwerder
Music/Sound: Fred Story
Movement: Samantha Reading, Dale Anthony Girard
Production Stage Managers: Kate McSorley, Annie Castleberry
Casts: Mary McCool, Pete Pryor, Tom Teti, Mary Elizabeth Scallen, Andrew Kane, Julia Stroup, Rebecca Koon, Graham Smith, Christian Casper, Lynnsey Garegnani

33 VARIATIONS by Moises Kaufman, 2012-2013
Festival Stage (Collaboration with Wake Forest University Theatre with the support of the Wake Forest Health ALS Center)

Co-Producers: Brook Davis, John E. R. Friedenberg
Scenic: Rob Eastman-Mullins
Costume: Mary Wayne-Thomas
Lighting: Eric Winkenwerder
Projections: Jonathan Christman
Sound: Fred Story
Associate Director: Brook Davis
Dialect Coach: Leah Elyce Roy
Choreographer: Christina Tsoules Soriano
Music Consultants: David Levy, Brian Gorelick
ALS Consultants: Dr. James Caress, Susy Miller
Executive Producer: John E.R. Friedenberg
Production Stage Manager: Lindsay Alexander
Cast: Alison Edwards, Warren Kelley, Daniel Harray, Mark Lazar, Rebecca Koon, Amy Shackelford, Jim French; Pianist: Louis Goldstein

OVER THE TAVERN by Tom Dudzick, 2004
Riverside Theatre (Florida)

Scenic: Frank Ludwig
Costume: Bob Croghan
Lighting: Todd Wren
Sound: Mike Ramey
Production Stage Manager: Jennifer Wesson-Ramey
Cast: Todd Thurston, Sherry Skinker, Jeanne Cairns, Andy Phelan, Amie Farrell, Brennan Monaco

LUNCH AT THE PICCADILLY by Clyde Edgerton and Mike Craver, 2015, 2011, 2010, 2008, 2006 (Premiere)
York Theatre Company, New York (concert); Playworks at Blumenthal Arts; (Premiere) Cape Fear Regional Theatre; Parkway Playhouse; Festival Stage

Scenic: Linwood Taylor, Bob Croghan
Costume: Bob Croghan
Lighting: David Castaneda, Eric Winkenwerder
Musical Director: Amy Jones, John Coffey
Choreographer: Amy Jones, Linda Booth
Production Stage Managers: Karen Masotti, Candace Roeckel, Audrey M. Brown, Sean M. Gray
Casts: Bo Thorp, Patty Cucco, Phoebe Hall, Greg King, CoCo Shaw, Vivian Wade-Banks, Rob Summers, Libby Seymour, Mike Rice, Roberta Whiteside, Duke Ernsberger, Mike Craver, Fleur Alys Dobbins, Rebecca Koon, Mary Mossberg, Beau Stroupe, Neal Mayer

ANITA BRYANT DIED FOR YOUR SINS by Brian Christopher Williams, 2004 (Premiere)
Florida Studio Theatre and Playworks (development, 2006)

Scenic: Michael Laswell
Costume: Marcella Beckwith
Lighting: Matthew E. Adelson
Production Stage Manager: Bruce Price
Cast: Christopher Schramm, James McMenamin, Barbara Bradshaw, Robert D. Mowry, Elizabeth Palmer, Tom Demenkoff, Tim Ross, Karle Murdoch

by Katie Forgette, 2008 (Premiere)
People's Light / Philadelphia

Scenic: James Pyne Jr.
Costume: Marla Jurglanis
Lighting: Dennis Parichy
Sound: Christopher Collucci
Fight Choreography: Samantha Reading
Production Stage Manager: Kate McSorley
Cast: Peter DeLaurier, Mark Lazar, Susan McKey, Alda Cortese, Leonard C. Haas, Graham Smith, Jeb Kreager

WHAT YOU WILL by Wendy Hammond, 2014-2016 (Commission)
Two year playwright/director commission, Davidson College BACCA Visiting Artist Program

Scenic: Chance Ruder
Costume: Bob Croghan
Lighting: Neil Reda
Cast: Bridget Lavender, Callan Gies, Matt Hunter, Colin Bye, Riley Sloan, Deyanira Bowers

KING LEAR by William Shakespeare, 2010, 2008
Three year project, People's Light and NC Shakespeare Festival 

Scenic: K. April Soroko, James Pyne Jr.
Costume: Laura Simcox, Marla Jurglanis
Lighting: Eric Winkenwerder, Dennis Parichy
Sound: Daniel Horney, Fred Story
Fight Choreography: Michael Kamtman, Samantha Reading
Voice/Text: Mary Irwin, Elizabeth Webster Duke
Production Stage Manager: Audrey M. Brown
Casts: Graham Smith, Emily Young, Ellen McQueen, Eleni Pappageorge, Michael Stewart Allen, Matt Daniels, David Foubert, Chris Hirsh, Henson Keys, Allen Edwards, Brendan Marshall-Rashid, Ray Chapman, Catori Swann, Pete Schild, T.J. Austin, Chris Wright, David Lawrence, Mark Lazar, Kim Carson, Susan McKey, Mary Elizabeth Scallen, Steven Novelli, Kevin Bergen, Christopher Patrick Mullen, Ahren Potratz, Leonard C.  Haas, Joe O'Brien, Andrew Kane, Luigi Sottile, Claire Inie-Richards

THE TEMPEST by William Shakespeare, 2010
Second production, NC Shakespeare Festival

Scenic: K. April Soroko
Costume: Bob Croghan
Lighting: Eric Winkenwerder
Projections: Rick Fitts
Music/Sound: Fred Story
Choreography: Ron Chisholm
Musical Direction: Pauline Cobrda
Voice/Text: Leah Elyce Roy
Production Stage Manager: Audrey M. Brown
Cast: Jack Wetherall, Nikki Coble, David Sitler, Graham Smith, Trip Plymale, Warren Jackson, Chris Hirsh, Kevin Bergen, David Heron, Kim Sullivan, Harold Surratt, Shu-Nan Chu, Kaitlin Vohlwinkle, Emily Kester, Kimberly Weinkle, Stephen Spencer, Matt Palmer, Savada Gilmore

CABARET by John Kander, Fred Ebb, Joe Masteroff, 2005
Theatre Charlotte

Scenic: Biff Edge, Steve Umberger
Costume: Rebecca Cairns
Lighting: Eric Winkenwerder
Musical Direction: John Coffey
Choreography: Linda Booth
Cast: Billy Ensley, Lisa Smith Bradley, Patrick Ratchford, Polly Adkins, Dennis Delamar, Kathryn Stamas, Ashby Blakeley, Bryan Ragon, Ashley Brian, Bobby Walker, Olivia Edge, Kimberly Pixton-Millar, Bettina Miller, Holly Riley

ROMEO AND JULIET by William Shakepseare, 2012
NC Shakespeare Festival

Scenic: Mark Pirolo
Costume: Bob Croghan
Lighting: Eric Winkenwerder
Music/Sound: Fred Story
Fight Choreography: Dale Anthony Girard with Leighton Schlanger
Voice/Text: Leah Elyce Roy
Production Stage Manager: Audrey M Brown
Cast: Lauren Sowa, Sheldon Best, Forrest McClendon, Darrie Lawrence, Graham Smith, Gayton Scott, J. Hernandez, Chris Ryan, Jim French, Dan Bound-Black, Kenneth De Abrew, Courtney McClellan, Andre Minkins, Patrick Ball, Cameron Bass, Cameron Prevatte, Adam Kampouris, Philip Wright, Benjamin Apple, Kendra Woodfolk

OPEN SEASON by Michael McKeever, 2004
Playworks Group at Spirit Square

Scenic: Frank Ludwig
Costume: Bob Croghan
Lighting: Eric Winkenwerder
Production Stage Manager: Audrey M. Brown
Cast: Graham Smith, Rebecca Koon, Scott Helm, James Flieder, Andra Whitt

THE GOAT, OR WHO IS SYLVIA? by Edward Albee, 2005
Florida Studio Theatre

Scenic & Costume: Marcella Beckwith
Cast: Kate Alexander, John Wodja, Drew Foster, Jason O'Connell

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Celebrating the life and work of Eric Winkenwerder (1960-2021)
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