Lyndall Hare, Steve Umberger, and Jeff Weatherhead talk about Acting Our Age.

"(The cast) came back weekly to refine the script, which covers nearly every major event in American history since the Jazz Age of the 1920's - but always through anecdotes that personalize this septet."   Observer

"I've realized that sometimes the toughest situations are the best (for you). By doing this, I've learned that I'm a work-in-progress and always will be. There's always something left for me to discover."  Cast member June Connerton, 95 years old

"Umberger quickly makes connections between self-exploration and getting people onstage, as he did with seven eloquent elders in Acting Our Age. After the cast of Call Me By My Name learned to speak for themselves, though, they didn't need much help. And they do speak now. Bluntly, intimately and sometimes poetically, and with a new vitality in person."   Observer

"The film tells the story of the six people who collaborated in creating Call Me By My Name. What they built over a year and half was more than a script; they built a family."   QC Nerve

From the initial 2017-2019 project, Acting Our Age and StreetsmARTs then continued in extended development through the pandemic in 2020, and now into 2021.

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