Top l to r: Dream 1: Company / Dream 3: Karl Baumann / Dream 4: Kate MacCluggage, Vince Nappo, Brynn Tucker / Anita Bryant Died For Your Sins (Premiere): Tim Ross, Elizabeth Palmer, Barbara Bradshaw, Christopher Schramm, James McMenamin, Robert D. Mowry, Karle Murdoch, Tom Demenkoff / Twelfth Night: Mike Corrigan, Company / What You Will (Commission): Colin Bye, Bridget Lavender / Lunch at the Piccadilly (Premiere): Phoebe Hall, Mayon Weeks, Patricia Cucco, Bo Thorp / The Exact Center of the Universe: Kate Russell, Rebecca Koon / Hatchetman: Mary McCool, Pete Pryor, Mary Elizabeth Scallen, Julia Stroupe, Tom Teti, Andrew Kane; 33 Variations: Amy Shackelford, Warren Kelley, Alison Edwards, Jim French, Rebecca Koon / The Christians: Company / Sherlock Holmes and The Case of the Jersey Lily (Premiere): Alda Cortese, Susan McKey, Graham Smith / Romeo and Juliet: Forrest McClendon, Sheldon Best, Jim French, Lauren Sowa, Darrie Lawrence/ Romeo and Juliet: Patrick Ball, Adam Kampouris, Dan Bound-Black, Sheldon Best, Ben Apple, Jim French, Jay Hernandez, Cameron Prevatte / Working on 33 Variations with Daniel Harray (Credits 2003-2018) (Photo credits: Donna Bise, NyghtFalcon, Norris Greenlee, Mark Garvin, Bobby Moody, Tom Terrell, Bill Giduz, Palham Palmer)

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